Which Radiator Best Suits Your Home?

It is essential to choose the correct BTU heat output, this will ensure your chosen room is heated quickly to a comfortable temperature. To get you on the right path, you will need to work out how many BTU's are needed to effectively heat the whole room.

BTU's (British Thermal Units) is the measurement of heat output to all radiators. There are many BTU calculators online available for you to use to calculate the necessary heat output. 

All radiators have a BTU rating and lets you know how many BTU's are produced per hour. Make sure to select one that delivers enough heat to warm your room when you're choosing your radiator. One radiator is normally enough, however you might need to fit a couple of radiators to get the right heat output.

You'll need to multiply the height, width and length of the room in feet and multiply this number by 4 to work out the amount of BTU's needed to heat your specific space.

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