The Importance of WRAS Approved Products

WRAS is an abbreviation or Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. It was created specifically to defend consumers from injury. It also protects businesses against wasted expense. It conducts tests to ensure that water bearing products are safe to use and follows the UK health and safety regulations. Any fittings that receives water from, and returns water to, the mains supply must be proven to not negatively alter the water that it cycles back into the system.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic most of us have paid close attention to the purity and hygiene of the equipment we use. However, it’s simple to forget that health and safety involves more than sanitising to avoid the spread of diseases. Relating to this, when it comes to drinking water dispensers, you need to make sure that it’s WRAS approved. To ensure customers can buy with confidence and that their plumbing fittings are safe, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) grants approval to products only after they pass extensive testing.

Whichever supplies you choose, it’s always worth hiring a registered plumber, notably one listed by the Approved Plumber Scheme. They should be familiar with the most up to date rules and regulations and install your items properly. There’s no point buying WRAS approved products to then use a unexperienced plumber only for your water supply to be contaminated by using unsuitable parts. An advantage of using an approved plumber is that you will be issued a certificate to say that you have hired this plumber and it will offer you some added protection in the event that inadequate plumbing work is discovered. Just to also note; it’s usually a good intention to inform your water supplier if you’re having extensive work, just in case anything unusual arises.


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