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Which Radiator Best Suits Your Home?

It is essential to choose the correct BTU heat output, this will ensure your chosen room is heated quickly to a comfortable temperature. To get you on the right path, you will need to work out how many BTU's are needed to effectively heat the whole room. BTU's (British Thermal Units) is the measurement of heat output to all radiators. There are many BTU calculators online available for you to use to calculate the necessary heat output.  All radiators have a BTU rating and lets you know how many BTU's are produced per hour. Make sure to select one that delivers...

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What Are The Best Boilers On The Market in 2021?

Combi Boilers A combi boiler is the most common boiler type. A combi boiler (AKA combination boiler) is named for it's ability to provide both heat and hot water for your home. Due to these boilers being connected to the mains water supply coming into your home and not having a water storage tank. It is heated directly, automatically taking place within the boiler. A combi boiler only heats the water that you require, meaning they are more economical. This is purchased by most home owners when having an older boiler for quite a few years.   Combi boilers are...

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